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Liberia: Palm Spring Resort Owner Convicted of Fraud

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By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

The Debt Court Judge James E. Jones at the Temple of Justice has ruled against the owner of Palm Spring Resort and Palm Spring Casino, Najid Kamand, a Lebanese businessman. Mr. Kamand has been found guilty and ordered to pay restitution of $1,279,314.00 to Ms. Ding Shu Jun, a Chinese national.

According to the court ruling, Mr. Kamand engaged in dubious and clandestine deals, collecting $1,206,900.00 from Ms. Jun at an interest rate of 6% for a business deal.

The court proceedings took place at the Temple of Justice, where Mr. Kamand was represented by Cllr. Arthur Johnson, while Ms. Jun was represented by Atty. Elijah M. Sayeh.

During the court case, it was revealed that Mr. Kamand had changed the name of Palm Spring Resort and Casino to Colony Hotel, creating the impression that the previous business had collapsed and a new management had taken over.

Mr. Kamand had collected $1,279,314.00 from Ms. Jun under the pretense of a legitimate business deal, but the court found that the deal was a criminal attempt to defraud Ms. Jun. Mr. Kamand had also attempted to evade the court.

“Today is a joyous day; finally, justice is being served, and I will get back the money I honestly worked for,” Ms. June said.


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