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Liberia seeks Cambodian Agricultural Expertise and Products

Liberia has expressed keen interest to purchase key agricultural commodities from Cambodia, including milled rice, cassava and cashew nuts. The intent was articulated by Amin Modad, the Liberian Minister of Commerce and Industry, during a recent meeting with Cambodian officials in Geneva, Switzerland.

Liberia: More Progress Needed In Agriculture Sector, W/Bank Country Manager Says

World Bank Liberia Country Manager Georgia Wallen has highlighted the importance of the agriculture sector to Liberia's Liberia Rising 2030 goals and sustainable poverty reduction. She noted that while the sector has seen some growth in recent years, averaging 3.5% between 2021-2023, much more progress is needed and key challenges must be tackled.

Liberia: Boakai Launches ‘Feed Yourselves’ Program to Boost Food Security

President Joseph Boakai has unveiled the National Agriculture Development Plan (NADP) 2024-2030, launching the "Liberians Feed Yourselves Agenda" to revolutionize Liberia's agricultural sector and promote self-sufficiency in food production.

Environmental Justice Foundation Expands Impact in Liberian Fisheries Sector

The Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) has announced ambitious plans to further strengthen the Liberian fisheries sector through the European Union-funded Communities for Fisheries Project.

Liberia: EU celebrates Oceans Day With Fishing Communities

World Oceans Day — a moment to reflect and to highlight the importance of the ocean in the lives of us all — is celebrated globally every year on June 8. As the European Union (EU) stands on the sandy beach of Marshall in Liberia with fishermen and women the day before World Oceans Day, a big celebration to recognize and appreciate the value of the ocean is held at the same time in New York under the theme “Awaken New Depths”.

Liberia: Rice Federation Feels Overlooked in Food Talks

The National Rice Federation, which encompasses organizations within the agriculture sub-sectors of the national economy Thursday issued a press release expressing serious concern over the establishment of the Rice Committee by the President of Liberia, to the exclusion of the National Rice Federation of Liberia (NRFL) and the Central Agriculture Research Institution (CARI). 

Liberia Faces EU Blacklist as Ivorian Cocoa Farmers Assault Forest

Farmers are clearing forests in Liberia to create cocoa plantations and are trafficking the beans into neighboring Ivory Coast, undermining European efforts to curb deforestation, research by a conservation group showed on Monday.

MOA Achievements from 2018-2023

The period in review saw growing interest in the agriculture sector – with more private sector involvement –in production, processing, aggregation and sales as well as increasing development partners’ confidence in the sector.

Moroccan Research Vessel Coming for Fish Stock Assessment

A Moroccan scientific research vessel, commissioned by Liberia's National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA), will arrive in Liberia on Friday, January 26th. This visit marks a significant step in assessing the commercial viability of Liberian waters and attracting further investment in the sector.

WFP, Church Leaders Meet to Reduce Food Insecurity

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), World Food Program USA and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held a notable gathering with Liberian government leaders in Monrovia on Monday, January 15, 2024.

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