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Child Marriage: ‘I Was Sold into Marriage For £7 at the Age of 12’

It is estimated that one in five girls across the world is married by the age of 18. Even countries that have laws against child marriage sometimes fail to enforce them. But in Malawi some are seeing the first signs of change.

Women’s Political Participation: Liberia Making Progress?

After many months of campaigning and overcoming financial and institutional challenges, for the successful candidates there is relief that the 10 October elections have concluded.

JFK Ordered to Pay $4.5 Million in Damages After ‘Wrongful’ Surgery

The Management of John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFK) has been held liable and ordered to pay  US$ 1  million lawsuit as general damages and US$3.1m special damages for a wrongful surgical operation performed on one of its patients identified as Karen Gaydou Sehkehporh of Paynesville City.

A Woman of Sorrows

Today, I went to see Lorenzo and his mother, Elizabeth Sakpah Pelham. I expected that Sakpah, which means revenge in Kru, would "go off" upon seeing me.

Liberia: Woman Sues JFK for $1.5 Million After Cancer Surgery Went Wrong

The Management of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital has suffered an over US$1.5 million lawsuit by a lady identified as Karen Gaydou Sehkelporh for damages.

Inside Story of How a U.S. Citizen Planned to Behead Liberian Wife

An American missionary was arrested in Liberia for the attempted murder of his second wife just weeks after she announced her pregnancy. Jessica Lloyd's family is further accusing the man - identified as Lucas Richard - of allegedly injecting the woman "with unknown drugs" that terminated her pregnancy. After the arrest, the Liberia National Police began investigating Richard for his crimes against the Liberian woman.

American Woman Stuck In Adoption Red Tape

Jeff Heydlauff says he and his family felt a calling to adoption. In 2016 Jeff and his wife, Kate, who have two biological children, adopted little Luke from Uganda to join the family. But tragedy soon followed. "He passed away in 2019 he had a rare lung disease," Jeff said.

Abort Attempts To Legislate Abortion Rights In Liberia

Late last month, August 2023, members of the 54th the Liberian Legislature of the Republic of Liberia were requested to return to the Capitol building to carry out some legislative functions before the conduct of the much vaunted October 2023 Legislative and Presidential elections. Among the different Bills to be considered during this emergency sitting include but not limited to the Bill entitled the Public Health Bill. That Bill contains the issue of legislating Abortion Rights in Liberia.

Catholics Campaign to Stop Abortion Legalization in Liberia

Members of  CitizenGO , a Catholic activist organization, are rallying for signatures to stop lawmakers in Liberia from legalizing abortion in the West African country. Senators in Liberia will be considering, within two weeks starting Wednesday, August 23, the continuation of the debate on the Public Health Bill that contains many matters, including the issue of abortion.

Liberia: Girl in Viral Lesbian Video Edges on Depression

Teenage girl who filmed her same sex intercourse with a lesbian partner fear her life has been ruined in a country where the LGBT community operates underground due to resentment and reprisals as homosexuality remains legally and traditionally forbidden

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