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‘I’m One of You’

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President George Weah has concluded has campaign in northern Lofa County where he received overwhelming support from voters as thousands of partisans, supporters, and citizens trooped and swelled towns and villages in the county, beginning from the border town of Beyan Town to Salayea and then Zorzor, Kolahum and Foya

In Salayea and Zorzor Districts, the locals expressed their loyalty and support to the President’s 2nd term bid by coming out in unusual numbers, but they equally assured him of their unceasing and unflinching commitment to ensuring that he is reelected.

“Mr. President, we want to thank you for the many developments you are undertaking in our county and country,” said the spokesman of the elders of Zorzor.

“You have proven to us, the people of Lofa County, that you are good man, a man with good heart. In 2017, we didn’t vote for you, yet you are building our roads and employed our sons and daughters in your government,” he further asserted during the political rally in Zorzor.

Also, the young people of Salayea and Zorzor, besides the pledge made by their fathers and mothers to support the president, showered  praises on  President Weah for a “job well done” by taking burdens on their parents.

Patrick Vasselley on behalf of the young people (first-time voters), said they have resolved to reelect the President to  build their road and develop the country, noting they are convinced he is the only one who has the political will and heart  to do so.

“Mr. President, we want to inform you that we will not get tired of you because you are the one who is developing our county and country,” Vessellie said, and also encouraged the President not to be bothered by the gimmicks of his opposition opponents claiming to be rescuers, but instead they are “resting.”

Addressing citizens of Salayea and Zorzor at the crowded political rallies, the Liberian President prided his record of appointing sons and daughters of Lofa in his government despite the fact he didn’t get huge support in 2017.

He thanked the people of Lofa County for the support rendered him then, which he said summed up the total votes he received nationwide to become president.

President Weah equally spoke of the importance of reelecting him so as to enable him to continue the road and other development projects.

Compared with others in the presidential race, the CDC political leader told Lofans that he is the best among them, someone with the heart and compassion to develop the country.

“I am the best among them, I am a developer, and this is why I am developing the country,” he told cheerful Lofans and added “I want to ask you, people of Zorzor and Salayea to vote for me, to reelect me so we can move the road to the next level.”

“I am your brother, son, your family, I am one of you. You didn’t know me in 2017. You voted for me, and I have performed. So I am asking you to give me another six years so we can leave a legacy of development and prosperity,” he disclosed.

He informed Lofans that he had already secured the funds through the government of United Arab Emirates and Qatar to continue the next phase of the road.



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