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Fiction & Poetry

I see macenta

I see macenta A land of super wonders Of gallant men and women

Street Child

I am a street child, Living at slum sites.

Mama Liberia: The True Strength of a Woman

Mama Liberia, I sit amazed at your strength, patience, and grace.

Gilded Healing: A Stroke Survivor’s Journey at the Giant Gym in Monrovia

By George Werner In a bustling gym filled with the clatter of weights and the sound of rhythmic music, a young man sat on one...

Uniting Cultures Through Battle Cries: The Profound Meaning of “Bah tin o Bah tin”

Battle cries have long held a significant place in human history, serving as rallying calls that ignite courage, determination, and unity among warriors.

Stop the War

  If we fight and kill each other... Who will take care of our land? As our bodies, will be placed in shame. Ambush awaits our children's futures. With...

Look Ahead: Liberia’s Journey of Hope and Resilience

Once upon a time, in the vibrant nation of Liberia, a land rich in history and resilience, its people gathered to celebrate the 176th anniversary of their beloved country.

The Profound Gift of Life: Embracing Existence Amidst Cosmic Odds

As a child, my fascination with science, particularly neuroscience, consumed me. The intricacies of the brain and nervous system held a profound allure. Recently, a conversation with my son about his scientific and medical interests stirred up memories of my childhood infatuation.

If I Should Die Tomorrow

May my milky ways not cease..... As inks bleed away the last ease... Of breath; that which bore me peace. If I should die tomorrow May I not...


Look into my eyes, Honey. My heart beats, not for money. Each time my heart sneezes, your name I hear. With such distance, my feelings bring you...

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