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Sierra Leone ‘Coup’ Leader Sentenced to 182 Years In Prison

A court in Sierra Leone has found 11 people guilty of treason and other offences after what authorities called an attempted coup.

Joe Biden withdraws from US presidential election race

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will end his candidacy for re-election, saying "it is in the best interest of my party and the country".

UN Warns of Weakened Regional Security

Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger’s decision to pull out of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) “even as terrorism and transnational organized...

More African Nations Focus on HPV Vaccination Against Cervical Cancer

Yunusa Bawa spends a lot of time talking about the vaccine for the human papillomavirus that is responsible for nearly all cases of cervical cancer. But on most days, only two or three people allow their daughters to be vaccinated in the rural part of Nigeria where he works.

US Hosts African Chiefs of Defense to Discuss Russia

Against a backdrop of Pentagon forces being withdrawn from Niger and Chad, the US this week will cohost with Botswana the 2024 African Chiefs of Defense Conference.

Zuma the Disruptor Has South Africa’s Fate In His Hands

Jacob Zuma, who led South Africa for almost nine scandal-tainted years before being ousted by the governing African National Congress, may now play a major role in the country’s political future.

Pomp and drama as deposed Nigerian emir returns to throne

As he returned to the throne in a colourful ceremony, Nigeria's influential Emir of Kano addressed the people who deposed him four years ago.

ANC About To Lose Power In South Africa?

For the first time since White-minority rule ended three decades ago, South Africa is heading into national elections in which an outright winner isn’t apparent. A series of opinion polls show the ruling African National Congress risks losing its majority in the May 29 vote and may have to enlist the support of one or more rivals to continue governing Africa’s most industrialized economy.

Energy Summit Seeks to Curb Cooking Habits that Kill Millions Every Year

An energy summit that seeks to reduce millions of premature deaths around the world, most notably in Africa, is set to open in Paris...

Conflict, Violence Push Global Internal Displacement to Record High Levels

Conflicts and violence have pushed the number of internally displaced people around the world to a record-breaking high of 75.9 million, with nearly half living in sub-Saharan Africa, according to a new report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center.

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