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Editorial: Representative Yekeh Kolubah and the New Age of Moral Decadence

Liberia, like any other nation, should strive to create a society that prides itself on the highest standards of morality and cultural values. However, the case of Representative Yekeh Kolubah exemplifies the moral decadence that has seeped into the political landscape, highlighting the urgent need for change.

Liberia: Letter to the New Monrovia City Mayor: Transform the City of Monrovia into the Republic of Liberia’s capital City

It is about time that Monrovia City gets to redevelop to represent the Republic of Liberia’s capital city. Liberians are yearning to see a redeveloped, clean, safe, secure, thriving, and beautiful capital city rather than the deplorable and unclean city it is now.

Liberia: Too Many Wars Too Soon Mr. President

The experiences of World War 1 and 2 have taught leaders the great lessons to not start wars at many fronts with potential forces at the same time as winning or sustaining such wars could be either disastrous or most costly.

Liberia: Do Not Regret Helping To Rescue Liberia: An appeal to all who supported the JNB-JKK ticket

On this Palm Sunday, I wish to appeal to the emotions of all who supported the campaign that rescued a rapidly declining Liberia and ushered in the new Joseph Boakai-led administration.

The Ghost Article With Blazing Storm

The Executive Order to establish an Asset Recovery Taskforce from the very beginning is a mere posturing on the part of JNB intended to pump air in the space for the sole purpose of getting some crumps from the International Community to support his government.

War Crime Court in Liberia; a Hopeless Hope

On March 5, 2024, the House of Representatives of the National Legislature signed a Bill with an intent to create an Act for the establishment of a War Crime Court in Liberia.

Liberia: Will Emma Glasco be removed as NaFAA boss?

Yesterday, I weighed into the discussions on tenure positions and bitterly argued that if the matter ever went to court, it would be difficult for the affected parties to win. I had assumed that since the President of Liberia has the power to appoint and fire at will, which is enshrined in Article 56-A, people holding tenure positions were not above the constitutional powers given to the President as mentioned in Article 56-A.

Liberia: The Proposed Liberia Economic Crime Court: A Potential Tool for Justice or a Political Farce?

It is an age-old argument, as timely as it is timeless, that the rule of law is a fundamental determinant in the sustenance of any functional democracy; it is critical in ensuring order and justice within society. 

Editorial: Praise for Joe Boakai: Only Justice Can Heal

The recent historic vote by House of Representatives to establish a mixture of domestic and international tribunal to prosecute war and economic crimes committed during the country's brutal civil wars is a significant step towards justice and accountability.

My Take on What Happened at NASSCORP

The sequence of challenging presidential authority will soon go out of hand. When a presidential mandate, order, or directive is given or issued with reference to been replaced or appointed to a position, such presidential mandate should be upheld or respected. In an event it contradicts or violates statutory laws, the ONLY alternative option is to run to the court of competent jurisdiction to seek protection of the law.

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