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The Profound Gift of Life: Embracing Existence Amidst Cosmic Odds

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By George Werner (former Education Minister)


As a child, my fascination with science, particularly neuroscience, consumed me. The intricacies of the brain and nervous system held a profound allure.

Recently, a conversation with my son about his scientific and medical interests stirred up memories of my childhood infatuation.

Eager to rekindle that passion, I delved into science podcasts and stumbled upon the renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

One particular statement he made has consumed my thoughts throughout the weekend:

“There are millions, if not billions, who die before they could become human. Count yourself lucky that you’re alive and have the opportunity to experience mortality.”

The Fragility of Potential:

Intrigued by Tyson’s words, I embarked on a journey of research, seeking a deeper understanding of their meaning. As I delved into the vast ocean of knowledge, I found myself reflecting on the profound implications of his statement.

I learned that the number of sperm cells released during ejaculation is typically in the millions, and only one sperm cell successfully fertilizes the egg.

This means that there are indeed billions of other potential combinations that could have resulted in a different individual.

The specific sperm cell that fertilizes the egg is determined by various factors, including sperm motility, genetic factors, and the conditions within the female reproductive system.

Therefore, the particular combination that leads to the creation of a human being is a matter of chance.

It’s fascinating to think about the vast number of possibilities and the unique outcome that each individual represents.

It is a humbling realization to consider the vast number of potential lives that never come to fruition, lost in the realm of the unborn.

The intricate dance of biological development, the culmination of countless factors aligning perfectly, is a remarkable feat.

It is a delicate balance, with the potential for existence teetering on the precipice of countless variables.

The odds of being granted the gift of life, of emerging from the sea of possibilities and taking our place in the world as conscious beings, are truly awe-inspiring.

The Gift of Existence:

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s words serve as a reminder of the fragility and preciousness of our existence.

The fact that we have the privilege of experiencing the wonders of life, of perceiving the world through our senses and contemplating our own mortality, is an extraordinary opportunity.

It is a reminder to embrace the present moment, to cherish the beauty and complexity of the universe, and to make the most of the time we have.

Rediscovering Passion:

As I reflect on my childhood love for science and the rediscovery of that passion, I am reminded of the infinite mysteries that still lie ahead.

The workings of the brain and nervous system, the very subjects that captivated me as a child, continue to inspire awe and curiosity.

he journey of exploration, both within ourselves and in the vast expanse of the cosmos, is a lifelong pursuit.

Gratitude and Responsibility:

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s words have reignited the flame of my childhood fascination with science.

They have reminded me of the incredible fortune that comes with being alive and the responsibility that accompanies it.

It is a call to nurture our innate curiosity, to seek knowledge, and to embrace the wonders of the universe.

In this pursuit, we honor the countless lives that never had the chance to blossom and, in turn, make the most of the precious time we have as conscious beings.


“The Profound Gift of Life: Embracing Existence Amidst Cosmic Odds” encapsulates the awe-inspiring journey of human existence and the remarkable fortune of being alive.

It urges us to appreciate the delicate balance of potentiality and embrace the wonders of the universe.

Let us nurture our passions, seek knowledge, and honor the lives that never had the opportunity to be. In doing so, we can truly embrace the profound gift of life and make the most of the time we have been granted.

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