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Mama Liberia: The True Strength of a Woman

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By: Leymah R. Gbowee

Mama Liberia,

I sit amazed at your strength, patience, and grace.

Over the last months, I have watched how your children continue to display a lack of discipline, integrity, character, and humility in the face of a future that is more uncertain today than at any other time in our world.

Brothers and sisters publicly reveal trusted secrets.

Sons are insulting and denigrating fathers, and daughters are showing zero kindness to mothers.

At this point, civility seems an afterthought. Any constructive feedback garners insults and abuse.

There is no room for open and honest conversations anymore. Greed and hunger for power are the order of the day; young men and women are willing to sell their and their children’s futures for money without any thought of the repercussions.

Older men and women, who are supposed to mentor and guide their young ones, are trying to gain wealth they couldn’t get in their prime through deception.

While all of this and more is going on, the vast majority of your children are hungry, angry, and hopeless. They are kept in a state of destitution as foot soldiers while the crooked amass wealth.

In all of this, I decided to see you and ask, how are you faring? I can imagine, as a mother, you are having sleepless nights at the sight of your household and the chaos ensuing.

I was amazed at your strength and poise when I saw you. You said, “My daughter, go back to God’s word. Read Isaiah 55, but focus on verses 6-12.”

You also asked me to check the history books. You said: “As a student of peace never forgets the history of my household, many have come, plunder me, raped me, abused me, and in their minds finished me.

However, I am still here. I will remain, but look around, where are they?”

Mama Liberia, I want to hug you and apologize for all that we, your children, are putting you through.

You looked at me and smiled and said, “Go your way, my child. I am fine; I will remain fine. I am Mama Liberia”.

Mama Liberia, You are the true strength of an African woman! My RESPECT


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