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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Cape Mount Surrenders 61.3 Acres to Bea Mountain

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About 3,000 villagers mainly women and children facing potential displacement now have hope of a new home after a gold mining concession overlapped their native land.

Local communities in nearby Jendema, Tewar District made available 61.3 acres of land to Turkish firm Bea Mountain Mining Corporation for the relocation of the Bangorma people.

Bangorma is Bea Mountain’s licensed concession area where the company is expected to extend its gold mining operation.

Opening of new mines would leave the inhabitants of this place homeless. This prompted the Turkish company to negotiate with local authorities and the Liberian land agency for peaceful resettlement of the affected population to a suitable location.

“The Bangorma People suggested various areas of relocation. One of the areas was the area that is connected to Jendema. There were lot of discussions and to know the history and why they deemed it necessary to be relocated near the Jendema Community,” Shadrach Fahnbulleh Bea Mountain’s health and safety manager said.

“We got to understand that there is an intermarriage relationship between them and this has existed years and years ago. If they will be relocated anywhere beside their Bangorma Land then they will prefer to be relocated near Jendema”

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