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From Chief Justice to Convict-Gloria Scott Gets Life Sentence for Killing Her Daughter

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Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Gloria Scott along with three women was sentenced to life imprison after trial jurors delivered Dec 21 unanimous guilty verdict in a shocking murder trial involving the death of her teenage daughter.

Her lawyers rejected the ruling and have announced an appeal with the Supreme Court.

The ex-jurist and two family members have been on trial for nearly six months after police held them liable for the gruesome murder of her teen age daughter in March this year.

The jury agreed prosecutor proved beyond reasonable doubt their claims of murder and other related criminal charges. . The defendants will go back to jail as a result of the verdict to wait for sentences although their lawyers continue to plea their innocent. They excepted to the jurors’ judgment and are expected to file an appeal with the full bench of the Supreme Court.

How it Happened

In June Monrovia City Court sheriffs arrested the Charles Taylor-era judge and three other women: Ma Getrude Newton, Rebecca Y. Wisner and Alice C. Johnson.

They were charged with Murder, Criminal Conspiracy, and False Reports to Law Enforcement Officials.

The alleged actions of the defendants violate sections 14.1, 10.4 &12.33 of the new panel law of Liberia. The Scott family insist they are innocent.

How They Did It

Prosecutors told the  court  the former Chief Justice and three others allegedly used sharp instruments believed to be a knife, colluded, connived, and conspired to stab victim Charloe Musu multiple times resulting to her untimely death.

Defendants reported to the police that the death of the deceased was caused by the stabbing done by an unknown man who intruded into their home.

Police said  investigation show there was no intruder in the compound of former Justice Scott during the time of the incident.

“We at this point have identified prime suspect into the murder of Charloe Musu, and to let you know that the prime suspect in this case are Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, Gertrude Newton, Alice C. Johnson and Rebecca Wilson. These are all occupants of the house during the time of the incident, “ Deputy Police Inspector General Prince Mulbah said.

“It has been proven beyond all reasonable doubts that there was no intruders as it has been speculated or alleged.

“None of these persons were able to testify that there was an intruder”


On February 22, 2023, at about 11:00 P.M it was reported that armed attacked on the home of Liberia’s former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott led to the gruesome murder of Charloe Musu with several others sustaining injuries.

March: Provisional autopsy report shows injuries on the deceased left side cut a blood vessel under her rib.

The deceased bled profusely outside and inside and the bleeding inside filled her left side chest and damaged the left lung. Pathologist Benedict Kolee said.

March 20: Police in Monrovia have concluded the probed and set to release results of its investigation. But this did not happen. The office of the Attorney General cutoff the press conference   and show no new date for release of the report.

April 6:  Victim’s family asked the Liberian government to surrender the remains of their relatives into their custody for burial.

“The object of the request is to bury Charloe so that her body and remains will be finally laid to rest with the decency, dignity, honor, and respect she deserves in keeping with our tradition and custom,” they said in a letter to the Minister of Justice Musa Dean.

June 20: Police arrest Gloria Scott and three family members arrested and detained

June:21 They are released into the custody of their lawyers

June 22: Rearrested and charged with multiple criminal offenses


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