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Chambers Defeats NEC as Supreme Court Orders Rerun in Maryland

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Outgoing House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers secures legal battle in the Maryland County Electoral District 2 election dispute after the Supreme Court Friday ordered a rerun of vote in two polling stations.

The ruling has given lifeblood to Chambers hope of retaining his seat after NEC announced him loser in early results.

The Supreme Court cited voters intimidation and fear while mandating the National Elections Commission to conduct fresh polls in two polling places, Precinct Code #27020 in Old Sodokan area.

National Elections Commission dismissal of Chambers’ contention, without considering issues raised about violence by traditional people during the polling process, was unfair and unjustifiable, the Court said in its July opinion delivered by Chief Justice Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh.

In the aftermath of the Dec 10, 2023 elections, there wer accounts of voter intimidation, interference and ballot stuffing.

Results in the Old Sodoken, Pleebo area, the heartland of the District’s electoral crisis cannot tally, leaving a disturbing variance, which evince apparent vote tempering.

On Oct. 10, voting day Country Devil’ unceremoniously appeared in Old Sodoken town igniting fear and pushing polling staff and observers to flee for safety.

The dreadful mask appearance disrupted vote count in the town where results from two polling places were plagued with series of controversies.



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