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McGill Pushes For Wars Crimes Court Establishment

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Senator Nathaniel McGill says, he still remains firm on his calls for the establishment of a war and economic crimes court for Liberia that will not only prosecute people for crimes but will also vindicate people who have been wrongly accused.

McGill was placed on sanction for corruption  by the Treasury Department of the United States, in an interview with this paper, said, as a victim of false accusations of corruption he will work with civil society organizations to ensure the establishment of the court to help to vindicate him and others or prosecute them if found guilty.

“People accused me every day, I want an economic crimes court including the war crimes court. I will work with civil society to ensure that. We need to come up with recommendations on the TRC document.”

He also said, as senator and a member of a major opposition bloc, they don’t intent to tear down the country while they are in opposition. “We will be a responsible opposition but we will not sit on the fence we hold the government feet to the fire to deliver on their promises.”

McGill chairs the Senate’s Statutory Committee on education stressed as chairman of that committee, his greater priority will be to improve education in Liberia and will do so by working with stakeholders in the sector in the exercise of his oversight responsibility.

To achieve his goals, he has promised to begin to engage the National Teachers Association, schools’ organization and the Ministry of education to ensure that school’s infrastructure are up to standard and facilities are conducive for leering.

He also promised to work with the government to ensure that Private schools are subsidize making while making public schools free and attractive through for all parents who are unable to send their kids private schools.

He also wants to work with his colleagues in the senate to improve the free Education bill that is currently before the senate for concurrence by adding to it the need to subsidize private schools across the country.



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