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Liberia: ULIMO’s Murder, Rape Terror Narrated in French Court

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By New Narratives


Witnesses from Foya in Lofa County gave the court hearing former rebel leader Kunti Kamara’s appeal of his 2022 war crimes conviction a deeper sense of the terror and chaos that his group, Ulimo, rained down on the town during the rebel group’s occupation in 1993.

On Tuesday, the court heard that after Ulimo had destroyed the county’s referral hospital, raped and murdered dozens of citizens, including chopping open a schoolteacher’s chest with an axe and eating his heart, dozens of men were forced to carry parts of the town’s power station across the border to Guinea. There Ulimo sold parts for cash and food.

Four witnesses, men who were in Foya at the time, told the court that they had seen Mr Kamara kill people. One of the witnesses said Ulimo rebels caught him and his brothers.

He said Kamara took one brother a short distance away, and the witness heard a gunshot. He then saw his brother’s dead body. There was a moment of levity in the court when the witness said he was one of his father’s 150 children, prompting some laughter. But the heavy mood returned when he said Ulimo killed 15 of his uncles.

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