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Liberia Faces Threat of Smuggled Russian Fuel and Substandard Diesel Imports

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Liberian authorities are on high alert as two vessels carrying questionable petroleum products attempt to dock in the country’s ports.

One ship, the EUROTRADER, is suspected of carrying smuggled gasoline from sanctions-hit Russia, while another, the Summer 7, is loaded with off-spec diesel that exceeds Liberia’s legal sulfur limits.

The EUROTRADER, loaded in Primorsk, Russia, has been rejected by multiple countries and is now seeking to unload its cargo in Monrovia.

Investigations reveal the vessel has tried to conceal its Russian origin, likely in an attempt to circumvent Liberia’s potential hesitance to accept Russian fuel amid the ongoing Ukraine invasion.

Separately, the Summer 7 has been lingering off the Liberian coast for two weeks, aiming to discharge diesel that does not meet the country’s strict 500 parts per million sulfur content requirement set by the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC). Accepting this substandard fuel would violate LPRC regulations.

The potential docking of these vessels poses a significant challenge for Liberia. Allowing the entry of smuggled Russian petroleum products or off-spec diesel could damage the country’s international reputation and relations, particularly with the United States, a key Liberian ally.

“Liberia must remain vigilant and uphold its commitments to international sanctions and quality standards,” said a senior government official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

“We cannot risk compromising our principles or economic stability by accepting these dubious fuel shipments.”

Oracle News Daily understands, Liberian authorities are closely monitoring the vessels and are prepared to take appropriate action to protect the country’s interests and safeguard the integrity of its fuel supply.

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