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From Auditor to Tech Mogul: How John Morlu Revolutionizing Technologies to Help Businesses & Economies In Africa, Asia Grow

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In a remarkable move towards financial innovation and technological advancements, renowned international financial expert, John S. Morlu, is making strides in transforming the financial and human resource management landscape across Africa and beyond.

The former Auditor General is leveraging innovative technologies and his vast experience to help governments and businesses across the region achieve new levels of financial efficiency and transparency, ultimately driving economic growth and development.

Morlu, the Global CEO and Strategist of the international financial management and technology firm, JS Morlu, is currently in The Gambia, engaging with stakeholders in the financial sector and senior government officials, including the Vice President, Muhammad B.S. Jallow.

Morlu, who previously served as the Auditor-General of the Republic of Liberia, is now using his expertise and cutting-edge technologies to help businesses grow, generate revenue for governments, and solve complex financial and accounting challenges.

One of the key innovations he is showcasing is the Recksoft software, a leading reconciliation tool that can process millions of financial transactions in a matter of minutes with 100% accuracy. This technology has already been successfully implemented at the Central Bank of Ghana, aiding the government in making informed financial decisions and strengthening the country’s financial management system.

Morlu is also set to introduce a groundbreaking human resource management software that aims to permanently resolve the challenges of workforce management in Africa.

The company’s statement highlights the significant gaps in HR systems across the continent, where governments and multinational organizations have struggled to maintain accurate payrolls despite spending millions on audits.

“Managing human has posed significant challenge to governments and multinational corporations with hundreds of thousands of workers unaccounted for. JS Morlu has identified substantial gaps in the HR system on the continent that has affected governments and multinational organizations. No government in Africa has successfully cleaned payroll.

“In some countries, governments and donor partners have spent millions of dollars on audit of the payrolls but none of these audits has resulted into a genuine payroll that represents the actual human resources capacity of the institution.”

Morlu’s visit to The Gambia is part of his commitment to empowering African nations to take charge of their financial and HR systems.

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