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Liberian President Weah Promotes Over 30 Army Officers Ahead Of Elections

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By Oracle News Daily

Liberian President George Weah effects a significant change to the West African country’s military command structure as the army vows to step in should violence erupts during the scheduled October presidential elections.

More than 30 officers of the Armed Forces of Liberia were promoted to senior ranks, including Major, Captain and 2nd Lieutenant.

“The Officers were nominated by President Weah on February 20, 2023,” a statement from the presidency said late Wednesday night.

“The Liberian Senate on February 22, 2023 held confirmation hearing for the officers. They are expected to be commissioned on Friday.”

The military has come under increased public criticism as top brass positioned it to police the nation’s democracy.

Defense Minister Daniel Ziankahn said on Feb 11, the Armed Forces will not accept any violence and will stand by the expressed will of the “people in line with the Constitution of Liberia.” Retired General Ziankahn statement runs parallel to those of the Chief of Staff of the army General Prince C. Johnson who in late 2022 issued a public warning that the military will intervene if the rule of law is not respected and the police is overwhelmed to quell violence.

“The army should remain professional, by staying out of political contests, or presenting itself as a guardian of democracy when there are other agencies tasked to play that role,” analyst Dr. Ibrahim Nyei said in a Dec. 2022 facebook post.

“The recent moves by the Chief of Staff or the AFL is a specter that must immediately be put under control, lest the army risks its reputation and be seen as a regime army instead of a national army.”

Officers promoted to the rank of Major

Tarnue W. Woheel, Zoe J. Parwon, Edwin Sumowar, and Albertha J.N. Clark.


Reuben Benedict, Leon J.S. Snorton, Lewis Johnson, Robin Vaye, and Bana G. Barqoui.

2nd Lieutenant

Krubo K Kaazaku, Aaron K. Massaquoi, Emmanuel-la P. Tarr, Siafa F. Siryon, Jr., Rebecca Freeman, Krubo G. Zayzay, Alpha Fofana, Jr., Gbermee P.V. Pearl, Doris L. Sannoh, Alfreda Poquee,

David P. Gbormelee, Nanu S.K. Welleh, Koiyan M. Keleko, David P. Nawa, Grant Yarmie, Sumo A.W. Harris, Jr., James B. Dahn, Joyce Williams, Malaytaye J. Waymah, Joseph P. Lincoln, Nathaniel B. Davis, Jr., Macee K. Zonie, Anderson P. Sharmos, and Philip N. Karpeh, Jr.


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