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Scammers Enter UP Job Rush

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Fraudsters are preying on people desperate for a better paid job and cabinet role in the incoming Unity Party government.

Some of these scammers are within the UP while others are outsiders making gainful use of the prevail state of uncertain as government transitions to new authorities.

They are collecting money and promising job seekers lucrative placement under the guise of being top party officials with closed proximity to the President-elect.

“Criminal minded individuals are using my name to  solicit money from people in the name of promising them jobs,” UP National Chairman Luther Tarpeh said in a Facebook post on his official account.

“Please refrain from giving anybody money for jobs.”

Liberia operates an imperial presidency wherein the Head of State makes nearly all the appointments including town chiefs.

There are more than 500 senior level government jobs the new President will be nominating and appointing people with various qualifications to occupy at his well and pleasure.

In post conflict Liberia,  the public sector has been the main source of employment.


Some Cabinet Positions and Autonomous Agencies – Commissions



Cabinet Public Corporation Autonomous Agencies & Commission
Ministry of Agriculture;

Ministry of Commerce;

Ministry of Education;

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Gender

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Information

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Mines and Energy;

Ministry of National Defense

National Security Agency

Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Ministry of State

Ministry of State without Portfolio

Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Youth and Sports


Agriculture Cooperative Development Bank

Agriculture Industrial Training Board

Forestry Development Authority

Liberia Broadcasting System

Liberia Airport Authority

Liberia Civil Aviation Authority

Liberia Electricity Corporation

Liberia Free Zone Authority

Liberia Mining Corporation

Liberia National Lotteries

Liberia Petroleum Refining Corporation

Liberia Rubber Development Unit

Liberia Telecommunications Corporation

Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation

National Oil Company of Liberia

Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority

Liberian Produce Marketing Corporation

National Transit Authority

National Housing and Savings Bank

National Housing Authority

National Insurance Corporation of Liberia

National Port Authority

National Social Security and Welfare Corporation


Liberia  Immigration Service

General Auditing Commission

Liberia Maritime Authority

Bureau of State Enterprises

Center for National Documentation and Records

Civil Service Agency

Cooperative Development Agency

General Service Agency

John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center

Liberia National Police

Liberia Refugee, Repatriation and resettlement Commission

National Fire Services

National food Assistance Agency

National Investment Commission

National Security Agency

Independent National Human Rights Commission

Governance Commission

Public Procurement and Concession Commission

National Elections Commission






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