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Unpleasant Situation

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Archie P. Williams

In life, everybody in some or most instances have encountered UNPLESANT SITUATIONS that served as a lesson and an eye opener.

For me, 2013 provided me that opportunity. I thought I was exposed, opened and street smart in matters of love, and relationship not until I got the shock of my life when two beautiful ladies played me to the gallows with their antics that worked so well that I have to reinvent myself this 2014.

Almost a year ago, in February of 2013, I was introduced to a young lady, MARY MARY, (name unreal) at a friend’s house warming in Paynesville.

Her beauty was so unsurpassed that I couldn’t get a withhold of myself during our first encounter. We subsequently became close friends, and visited each other when the need availed.

We moreso went to social gatherings as dates. Most times while outings, comments like “you both look so nice together” from mutual friends, and others eventually took a toll on me.

Therefore, not being satisfied with a mere friendship status subsisting between us, I threw in my love gauntlet in a bid to take our friendship at another level. I tried convincing her with all my sweet talks, and raps.

I utilized real, and made-up vocabs and even made awesome promises that I wouldn’t have kept.

I also dressed to impressed but all was to no avail as she kept on turning me down in every ounce of attempts I advanced at convincing her.

So, in a bid to discourage me, she revealed that she was in a cherished relationship with a marry man whose family was abroad, and that he has given her “everything” a lady would ever dream of having which, amongst others, included a well furnished apartment; the latest BMW vehicle; a weekly supermarket shopping and a handsome monthly stipend as largesse.

However after several unsuccessful and frantic strides, I told her I was giving in. She politely acknowledged my feelings for her and promised to give it an afterthought.

But for me that was a done deal as my patience had ran out.

A month thereafter, I visited a Lebanese friend; the proprietor of Picasso, a furniture store on Randall Street.

While chatting, a young lady who has been undecided as to which one of the two beds would be appealing, solicited my input.

Without hindsight, I told her the one with traces of violet. She asked why, and I told her because the color violet places ladies in glows and realms of romantic ecstasies.

Little did I know that my unsubstanstiated reason would have led me to another floppy “friendship”.

Two days after I left the store, my phone rang. A soft spoken lady introduced herself to me as JANE JANE(name unreal) and told me she was the one who I met at the furniture store on Randall Street.

When I inquired how she got my number, her only response was “Monrovia is a small place”. Actually, my mind did not lead me into anything of the sort as it was with MARY MARY.

But JANE JANE goaded me into making the move. She invited me for lunch; told me all about herself, family, education, and that she had broken up with her “expat boyfriend” three months ago, ect, ect, ect.

Although JANE JANE did not not possess the outer beauty as MARY MARY, she is a class all by herself with a high level of intelligence which Intrigued me. She lived in an opulent and well furnished apartment and drives a modern RAV 4 SUV.

Few months after my relationship with JANE JANE began to bloom, MARY MARY rang me on a private number.

No sooner had I asked who’s this? A four letter word “f***k u” harshly resonated from the other end of the phone. And in a split second, another one followed. “So da 2day u ain’t know my voice or because you hanging out with that dirty whore JANE JANE, my best friend”?

I instantly became sober and surprise at the same time from what I was hearing. Thereon, she went on ranting with nasty things about JANE JANE. She further threatened to expose our “illicit” relationship to Jane’s fiancé.

Upon hearing that Jane Jane has a fiancé my heart immediately skip a beat, but I brushed it aside nonetheless with imbedded suspicion. Did she lied to me, I pondered.

With sobs over the phone Mary, Mary told me how Liberian Men are “useless dogs”, and how she was testing my professed love for her that was why she played hard to get because she didn’t want me to get her so easily.

Additionally, she explained that she had no future with the marry man she was dating, but I impatiently gave in so easily, blah, blah, blah. I was so astonished at what I was hearing.

Little did I know both girls were friends.

One the other hand, JANE JANE who got wind of Mary Mary’s rants against her upon my quest to ascertain the truism, also didn’t take kindly to that. She immediately rang her and went ballistic with hell out threat to expose her seeming “affairs” with me to her marry man also.

I got caught up between the venomous claws of both ladies as their rancor became so intense as time unfolded. At the end I decided to quit my friendship and, or relationship with both of them.

Fast forward: on NEW YEAR’S DAY, 2014, I went on Thinker’s Village beach, a block away from my residence whereat I shared pleasantries with some old and new friends. We consumed several bottles of Heineken beer and other beverages as our way of welcoming 2014.

However, around sunset a friend called and told me he was on Barnes Beach, next to Thinker’s. I bided and wished my other pals a happy new year and departed.

While taking a stroll to Barnes Beach, the Heineken beer started taking a toll on me. So I decided to unleash the unwanted out of my system on the nearby tulip grass.

I gradually moved deeper into the grass to avoid onlookers from catching a glance at me while I unleash the beer contents.

Satisfied that I was well positioned, and no sooner did I unzipped my pants I began to hear moans of romantic sounds just about a stone throw from where I stood.

I immediately took a quick side glance in the direction. Thereat, I faintly saw two ladies at it devouring themselves out of the world as seen in the movies.

And then I noticed that the moaning sound came from the one laying under enjoying every moment of the strokes from the one atop.

Curiosity got a better hold of me, and once again I took a second glance with the aim of having an eye feast at the expense of the two love birds.

Astonishingly, I sighted a familiar figure which made me to move very closer. HOLY SATAN! I YELLED. Both ladies upon seeing me immediately detached from themselves and then when I finally saw what I saw I fled the scene backwards!

Lo, and behold MARY MARY and JANE JANE were opposite sex lovers and were making love in the tulip grass

As l fled backwards in a confused state of mind, I began uttering strange words to myself. Unknowingly my strides had thrust me a lil inwards the sea until the waves swept me off balance before I regained my COMPOSURE and then I immediately headed back ashore.

Otherwise I would have drowned!

While sitting ashore in awe with reminiscence, I saw both ladies in clinched hands heading out of the beach.

So that was what the whole scenario was all about I finally realized. What a complete facade!

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