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Liberia: Is There An Invisible Hand at The Executive Mansion?

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By Vandalark R. Patricks

Yesterday, President Joseph Nyumah Boakai appointed a brilliant young man, Mr. James Mulbah as Managing Director of the Roberts International Airport (RIA), a position that has been widely discussed and published in the papers.

Please check # 14: https://www.liberianobserver.com/president-boakai-makes…

But in less than 24 hours, the Executive Mansion changed James K. Mulbah’s title to “General Manager”, Roberts International Airport (RIA)”.

Please check # 14 too: https://www.emansion.gov.lr/…/president-boakai-makes…

This is heartbreaking and contradicts the Act that established the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) in 2009. The General Manager is a Civil Service position PERIOD!

According to the Act, only the Managing Director of the airport has the right to appoint the “General Manager”, who reports directly to the Managing Director.

Wait oooo who is really complicating things at the Executive Mansion?

The situation in Margibi, where the entire legislators from Margibi campaigned for the CDC during the 2023 run-off election, has led to mockery and disgrace towards the UP leadership in the county.

The people of Margibi have been mocking the party and its leaders because the President has refused to give Margibi a cabinet position as he promised during the election. He is yet to also appoint several qualified Margibians in his government.

“If the President fails to appoint a Margibian to head the Roberts International Airport as Managing Director, which is now our last hope, the people of Margibi will be highly disappointed in the UP and the party will cry as it did in 2017.

The old man cannot be refusing to give us jobs and he comes here in Margibi to give the positions that exist in our county through RIA to different people. That is complete nonsense my junior brother” a tough talking UP steward asserted while in conversation with him.

In 2017, Margibi, known as the stronghold of the Unity Party, fell into the hands of CDC- President George Weah, because former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf treated Margibians in similar way by refusing to appoint several Margibians into her cabinet and strategic positions in government for overwhelmingly delivering the county to the UP conservatively from 2005 to 2011.

The people are now demanding that the party should rethink and give more appointments to Margibians in strategic positions to stop the power dominance of the opposition CDC in the county.

Margibi is currently dominated by CDC lawmakers and its collaborating parties and legislative partners.

The two senators and five representatives are on the side of the CDC at the moment, and anyone would strategically think that appointing more Margibians into strategic positions would balance the power dominance in the county. This will help UP increase its political influence in the county.

But the President is still struggling to appoint qualified Margibians to strategic positions including a Managing Director to head the Roberts International Airport, which is situated right in Margibi.

It is unacceptable to refuse to appoint a Margibian to head the airport. Sadly, the Executive Mansion is struggling to ratify, verify, and edit positions when it should be appointing Margibians into those positions at RIA and other areas of government.

The way the President is treating Margibians is unfair given the sacrifices made by some of the incredible young men and women from the Unity Party who delivered Margibi to President Boakai and Jeremiah Koung during the run-off election.

Margibi is the 5th most populated county in Liberia, but counties with less population were given cabinet positions, followed by several other appointments.

The President should not let people who fought for the Unity Party be mocked by their opponents, as they will never trust you hayaka.

Disclaimer: I am just a whistle blower, because no UP person wants to talk now, fearing the Prezo will get vex and fretile (mean) them with government job. Chey Liberians and their appointment job business

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