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Liberia: Memorializing Tom Kamara 12 Years Since the Passing of The Journalism Icon

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On the somber day, of Saturday June 8, 2024, Liberia remembers the 12th anniversary of the passing of legendary journalist Tom Kamara. Kamara, who succumbed to a brief illness on June 8, 2012, left an indelible mark on Liberian and African journalism.

Kamara’s brilliant journalism and unwavering advocacy for democracy and human rights earned him the respect of both colleagues and readers. During his decades-long career, he confronted dictatorships, exposed corruption, and championed the voices of the marginalized.

In 1993, Kamara founded the New Democrat Newspaper, a groundbreaking institution dedicated to promoting social justice. The newspaper served as a fearless platform for illuminating important issues and holding the powerful to account.

Kamara’s writings were not only insightful but also daring. He faced numerous threats and incarcerations for his unwavering belief in the power of the press to inform and empower the citizenry.

His legacy extends far beyond his lifetime. Kamara’s passion for journalism ignited a new generation of journalists in Liberia and inspired them to uphold the highest standards of accountability and truth-telling.

Today, Liberia mourns the loss of a true journalistic giant. Tom Kamara’s writings, activism, and indomitable spirit continue to inspire and motivate those who believe in the transformative power of journalism.

As the Oracle News Daily pays homage to his legacy on this 12th anniversary, we recommit ourselves to the values he held dear: the pursuit of truth, the defense of democracy, and the advancement of human rights. His memory will forever be etched in the annals of Liberian history as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of those who dared to speak truth to power.

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