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Liberia: How a Hostile Abduction Ended in Joy for a Helpless Mother

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By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

In a heartwarming act of compassion, the Solidary and Trust for a New Day (STAND), a civil society group, has intervened in the rescue of a four-month-old baby from an alleged kidnapper, reuniting the child with his overjoyed mother.

Ms. Patience Kamara, the biological mother, recounted the harrowing experience she endured.

Allegedly driven from her home during her pregnancy, Patience was falsely accused of madness by the perpetrator, identified only as Baby Girl.

“Baby Girl took my child, claiming I’m crazy,” Patience said tearfully. “But I’m not crazy. I lived with her before, but she kicked me out. When I gave birth, she took my baby and barred me from entering her house.”

STAND’s Intervention

Lost and desperate, Patience reached out to STAND Ambassador Mouna Farhat, who swiftly took action. Farhat contacted the Zone Three Depot Police Station in Congo Town and the alleged kidnapper.

Through STAND’s intervention, the baby was rescued and returned to his mother. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Patience expressed her heartfelt thanks to Ambassador Farhat and STAND Chairman Mulbah Morlu.

“I’m the happiest person today because my child is home,” Patience said. “STAND came to my rescue, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Beyond the Rescue

STAND’s commitment to Patience and her son extended beyond the initial rescue. The organization secured a furnished home for the family, complete with house utensils and bedding. STAND also pledged to provide financial support for Patience to start a business and ensure a stable future for her and her child.

Chairman Morlu told reporters about STAND’s unwavering dedication to helping those in need.

“We encourage others who may be facing similar situations to come forward,” Morlu said. “STAND believes in the power of compassion and will always strive to make a positive difference in our country.”

STAND’s heroic intervention has brought a ray of hope to Patience and her son, reminding the community that kindness and perseverance can triumph over adversity.


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