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Liberia: In the HOR Reform process: -CSA Must be Neutral

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Civil Service Agency, you are not a political party. Focus on the technical aspects of your job. If you continue, you risk a vote of no confidence.

For you not to dance to the wings and dictates of politicians, this is the reason why you are protected by tenure just so you can not be pushed around by politicians.

What you did by making unreasonable demands of obsolete documents when you had already in your possession workable and most recent documents as it relates to the current reform process of the House of Representatives staff welfare and benefits was inappropriate and unprofessional.

I know and want to believe that you were been manipulated by some evil-minded politicians who are in the constant habit of milking the budget of the House of Representatives at the disadvantage of the struggling staff.

What happened on Thursday,  June 6, 2024, in the Joint Chamber of the Legislature, where you walked away from the headcount process that you initiated in a prior meeting with Directors of the House of Representatives is troubling and has the propensity to undermine the values and integrity upon which the Civil Service Agency was created by law.

The CSA must be reminded that it is a technician of government to guide Ministries and Agencies as it relates to personnel welfare and other regulations. The CSA must demonstrate neutrality.  She can guide any entity and not impose because doing that would lead to deeper conflict and misconception.

We were not under the CSA, like some agencies, and if the CSA continues in the forms and manner, we can withdraw and be by ourselves as it has been.

This reform is an irreversible process that is meant to quit employees out of poverty and must not be taken lightly.

There is so much that has been achieved in five months than before under this current HOR leadership.

In less than five months, Lawmakers declared their assets.  In less than five months, lawmakers signed up for the creation of the War & Economic Crime Court for Liberia.

In less than five months, HOR audited her financial records. In less than five months, our long-time and aging employees are undergoing a comprehensive retirement process. In less than five months, additional departments are created to put the Legislature on the level with other global parliamentary bodies.

By D. Moses Wantu

A trained Diplomat, a Journalist, and an M&E Analyst, trained by the Liberia Institute of Public Administration. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and an Associate of Arts in Mass Communication. Married, and union is blessed with three kids


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