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Overhauling Presidential Guard Unit

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By: Zac T. Sherman

The Presidential elite security guard, the Executive Protection Service (EPS), Director Designate Sam Gay says the entity will experience rightsizing if confirmed by the Senate.

The Executive Protection Service (EPS) provides high-level protection for the President and other key officials.

Sam Gay said the influx of officers and civilian employees at the EPS is very overwhelming and financially challenging.

Col. Gaye noted many of the officers and employees their services are not needed any more at the entity.

He told members of the Liberian Senate’s committee on National Security, and Veteran Affairs, that during his leadership from 2016-2018, officers at the EPS were about 400, but the number has swelled to over 900 officers under the Weah’s administration.

Director Gaye who once headed the institution believes the current number of officers at the EPS is alarming, and calls for “rightsizing”

The security expert who once headed the Executive Protection Services from 2016 to 2018 promised to “overhaul” the institution in order to reinstate its credibility and public trust.

According to him, the agency is overcrowded by officers whose services are not needed for the executive.

According to him, the number is too high to protect only members of the executive, stating downsizing is the ultimate option.

The EPS is statutorily under obligation to provide protection for the president and Vice President and their families as well as a host of major government Officials.

Sam Gay assured the professional operations of the EPS is void of politics.

The former EPS boss who anticipates confirmation named training for officers and motivation as issues to handle if confirmed.

He at the same vowed to ensure Proper coordination with the police and the military and para military institutions for smooth operation.


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