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Education Minister Jarso Jallah Visits Webbo Rural Teachers Training Institute

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Under Minister Jallah’s visionary leadership, a team of professionals and sophisticated inspectors embarked on a nationwide assessment tour, culminating in a significant visit to the Webbo Teachers Training Institute. Their primary objectives were to meticulously evaluate the institution’s condition and implement timely interventions to enhance teacher performance in the classroom, aligning with global standards of educational excellence.

During the event commemorating this pivotal visit, Dr. Jarso Marley Jallah, Minister of Education, passionately emphasized the urgent need to enhance the skills of rural educators to meet and surpass global educational benchmarks.

The proposal by Mr. Martin Poquie, Director of the Webbo Rural Teachers Training Institute, to elevate the training program from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’ certificate was met with acclaim by the entire cohort of Master’s trainers, highlighting its potential to uplift teaching standards nationwide and adhere to international best practices.

Moreover, Director Poquie forthrightly addressed pressing challenges faced by the institute, including the lack of teacher housing, inadequate transportation for monitoring, limited internet access, insufficient incentives for educators, and the absence of safe drinking water. These highlighted areas necessitate immediate attention to uphold educational excellence.

Representatives from the student council government of WRTTI expressed sincere gratitude for the Ministry’s oversight and stressed the urgent need to tackle longstanding challenges, emphasizing the importance of nurturing an enriching learning environment for both students and teachers—a sentiment echoed by education stakeholders.

In response, Minister Jallah reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to supporting the school’s improvement endeavors, underlining the pivotal role of teacher capacity building in advancing the education sector to meet international benchmarks. She pledged to prioritize WRTTI programs and encouraged students to remain steadfast in reshaping the teaching profession to improve and strengthen the capacity of the Master trainers.

  1. In conclusion, Minister Jallah assured the school administration, teachers, and students of the government’s steadfast support in driving institutional enhancement, thus showcasing Liberia’s dedication to excellence in education.

The inspection team’s visit extended to Webbo, Barrobo, and Weah Doe Elementary & Junior High Schools, underscoring Liberia’s commitment to conducting comprehensive educational assessments in accordance with standards.

For further inquiries or information regarding the Ministry of Education, please contact J. Maxime Bleetahn, Director of Communications & Public Relations, at 0886-565-264 or 0777-212197, or visit the MoE website: moeliberia.com, or the Ministry of Education-Liberia Facebook page.

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