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Liberia: UP’s Koon Denies Plot to Remove Speaker

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Montserrado County Electoral District #11 Representative Richard Koon of has vehemently denied allegations made by Representative Yekeh Kolubah regarding his involvement in a plot to remove Speaker Fonati Koffa.

Koon described Kolubah as a “con artist” who spreads false information for personal gain.

Speaking to reporters, the ruling Unity Party lawmaker said “Yekeh and I have no deal regarding the kind of coupon he’s talking about.” He challenged Kolubah to provide any voice recording that prove their involvement in a bribery scheme.

Koon emphasized the need for an impartial investigation into the claims made by Kolubah, urging him to provide concrete evidence rather than simply spreading baseless accusations.

Furthermore, Koon expressed his frustration with Kolubah’s actions, stating, “Yekeh still has more to prove instead of just holding and passing around here with a coupon or something else.” He criticized Kolubah for tarnishing the image of individuals for personal gain and called for transparency in addressing these allegations.

Koffa defeated Koon to win the Speaker race back in Jan. this year. As the controversy continues, it remains to be seen how Representative Kolubah will respond to Koon’s challenge and whether any substantiated evidence will emerge to support the allegations made against Representative Koon.


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