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Liberian Senator Warns Officials: U.S. Sanctions Loom Over “Yellow Machines” Acquisition

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By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor

Senator Amara Konneh has cautioned that influential officials within the Unity Party government may face U.S. sanctions and travel restrictions if the recent acquisition of “yellow machines” is not handled with full transparency and oversight.

Senator Konneh, who represents Gbarpolu County, took to social media to express his concerns over the government’s recent unveiling of a large number of yellow machines intended for roads and agricultural purposes. The senator highlighted that there is currently no financing instrument in place at the 55th Legislature to account for this procurement.

“I will speak to this matter on the Senate floor for the record when we receive the loan agreement,” Konneh stated. “Meanwhile, it is crucial that we (the Legislature) have full transparency and oversight on this, as well as on the acquisition of other assets like police cars and potentially NTA buses.”

The former Finance Minister expressed his worries about the lack of evidence of competitive procurement, which he believes could “bring some major problems for our government’s reputation and adherence to the rule of law, and could potentially lead to new sanctions of public officials if it is laden with graft.”

Konneh said  the government cannot afford to ignore these issues, warning that “there’s an ethical storm brewing between the Executive Mansion and the Capitol Building, and it may end up in the Supreme Court.”

The senator’s warning comes at a time when the Liberian government is facing increased scrutiny over its financial management practices. Konneh stressed that the country is “a country of laws, not individuals,” underscoring the need for the government to uphold transparency and accountability in its operations.

Liberian authorities are working to import 285 pieces of earth moving machines into the country to bolster low cost road construction and maintenance.

Oracle News Daily reported Tuesday May 27 that the President cut off the deal to ensure the right processes are put into place to reflect respect for Liberian laws.


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