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Liberia: Girl in Viral Lesbian Video Edges on Depression

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Teenage girl who filmed her same sex intercourse with a lesbian partner fear her life has been ruined in a country where the LGBT community operates underground due to resentment and reprisals as homosexuality remains legally and traditionally forbidden.

Under 18-year-old, the girl who carries a Facebook alias ‘March Bae’ says her life is in a total mess. She regrets producing the video and worries that her deceased father’s dream for her to complete college education could now be a matter of near impossibility.

“I’m confused,” she told social media platform Gary the Blogger.

“I don’t even know what to do. I don’t know what to say. The girl made my video to leak to the whole country. Only Rickslyn Myers can safe me right now. My life and my future.

“I coming enter 18 [age] you think I will be able to go to college to make my father dreams come through.”

She faults her same sex partner identified as Finda Bangura for sharing the nude video to people outside of their circle for purpose she cannot fathom. The video has been released into social media ecosystem triggering mixed reactions.

– Writes Festus Poquie

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