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Liberia: Revolutionary Boakai

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By Kula Fofana (Presidential Press Secretary)

Revolutionaries are noted to be loud about what they believe in. They are often disruptive in their advocacy to change systems and the status quo.

Their transformational ideals most times are about making their countries better for all including the marginalized. If they are anti-establishment, they face extreme consequences based on their advocacy.

If they are the leaders, they are often resisted by internal and external powers. Examples: Ernesto Che Guevara & Fidel Castro of the Cuban Revolution, Thomas Sankara and the struggle to transform Burkina Faso. Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid Revolution, Martin Luther King & Malcolm X of the Black Struggle in the US.

The nexus is that their struggles aren’t about self but the common good of the majority.

For President Boakai, I have come to experience, his transformative revolutionary acts are not about talking loudly but taking major actions to change Liberia for the better.

Eg: Liberia had 14 years of civil unrest and the need for accountability cannot be overemphasized.

President Boakai signed Executive Order 131 on the Establishment of the Office of War Crimes Court and appointed an Executive Director to lead the process of the establishment of the court.

*For the first time, persons with disabilities especially a visually impaired is playing a major role at a public corporation. Other persons with disabilities also have opportunities and are serving their country.

*For the First time in its 176 years, Liberia has a female Defense Minister, a rare occurrence on the Continent.

*Liberia has more young people heading public corporations now than ever in its history. (Not too young to lead is being realized)

*There are more young people at junior Cabinet levels than any time in the country’s history.

*The declaration of his assets in few weeks of this Presidency and its publication.

*Having more women playing key roles in national government and for the first time there are more women Justices on the Supreme Court Bench.

* His goal of having more Liberians as key players in the rice economy is quite commendable.

*His key interest in opening the country in every part with roads, rails and other modes of transportation is laudable.

These are, but few revolutionary acts of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. that made him a Silent Revolutionary!

All of these and more, under six months of his Presidency.



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